My Favorite Investment Isn’t What You Think It Is

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Some people invest in stocks. Some people invest in bonds. Some people invest in real estate.


Well, I invest in some of those things, but none of those are my favorite of my investments.

My favorite invest is…as crazy as it sounds…fantasy football.

Now, I’m not racing off towards an early retirement because of it. Even if I win all of the leagues I plan in, I might only make a little more than a grand.

So why is it my favorite?

Because I’ve never been more interested in and fascinated with any type of investment in my life.

I love football, and I really love fantasy football. I love researching the best draft day steals and the sleeper plays of the week. I love figuring out which players I should sell high on, and which I should buy low. I love the competitive nature and how much direct influence I have on my investment.

I typically play 3 leagues a year with the average entry fee being around $50. So I spend – or “invest” – $150 a year, with my maximum return being around $1,200 – if I somehow managed to win first place in my leagues, that is. Historically I’ve won just around 1/3 of my leagues, or about one a year. Though the payouts change from leauge-to-league, usually first place is given anywhere from $250 – $500.

Taking the middle of that range – $375 – I am earning around a 250% return on my investment each year.

Not bad considering it’s rare for most other investments to exceed 10%.

But, really, it’s not even about the money for me. It’s one of my passions (as lame as that sounds) – earning some money is just the icing on the cake.

Some people say fantasy football is a waste of time. Others says it’s a waste of money.

But I love it and as long as football is around, I’ll be thinking of cheesy names for my fantasy football teams each year.

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